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Mid-States provides solutions for your commissary needs through innovative products and technology solutions to dramatically improve your facility efficiency.
With 35 years in the business our team of experienced professionals will analyze your needs and provide custom solutions to meet the particular requirements of your facility.  With all our experience we have more than likely come across needs similar to yours and have a solution ready.  However Mid-States is always ready to make the changes needed to ensure your solution is built for you.
Our team is ready to solve the regulatory, IT, product and legal requirements of your facility. is our Friends and Family package purchasing website.  Friends and family of the residents can purchase a wide variety of goods at the best price delivered directly to the facility.  Our easy to use site provides product images and descriptions and purchases can be made with most major credit cards from the convenience of the home.

Orders can be made directly to the website OR by phone.  Call our toll free number 866-289-5245


Inmates can place their orders using our Phone Ordering system.  Inmates can connect to our toll free number and create and review their order and get their account balance by following the easy to use phone prompts.


Using our Kiosk solution makes ordering a snap!  Inmates can log into their account and view product pictures and information and create their order via a correctional facility grade touch screen kiosk.  The orders can be updated any time before the order cutoff.  Inmates can have instant access to their balances to know how much they can order.  


Friends and Family can deposit funds to the inmates account.  Secure credit card deposits can be made through our website or by calling the phone center.  Funds are immediately available for the commissary purchase or payment of fees.  Each facility can customize the fee payment schedule for deposits.


VaultTrak is a comprehensive inmate financial and commissary management system. VaultTrak processes inmate orders using a wide variety of commissary ordering technology solutions.  From booking in to final release VaultTrak provides customizable features that allow each facility to manage inmate financial activity:

  • Deposits

  • Withdraws

  • Commissary Purchases

  • Commissary Credits

  • Fees

  • Check Book management system

  • Import Inmate information from external systems

  • Export Inmate information to external systems

  • Financial reports at the inmate and facility level

  • Commissary Point-of-Sale systems, Commissary Bag systems

Mid-States Services experienced team will work with your facility staff and information technology personnel to provide seamless and easy installation and training on our innovative VaultTrak system.

We are with you every step of the way until your staff is comfortable with VaultTrak.

VaultTrak has extensive tools for interfacing with a variety of external systems and databases.  VaultTrak can import balances and export commissary sales to provide seamless integration into your existing information technology.

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