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warehouse interior with shelves, pallets


To Our Valued Customers and the Dedicated Professionals of the Corrections Industry,

These are words that are tossed around in a rather nonchalant fashion without giving full regard to
their meaning and the true impact these characteristics make in forging a company whose customers
and employees alike can be proud to be associated with.


A little more than fifteen years ago it was my privilege to join an exceptional group of investors, all known and regarded for their depth of character and integrity, to shape what once was a regional commissary and food service company into today’s industry leader. This success has further motivated us to remain faithful to our entrepreneurial heritage.

Growth alone cannot and should never be enough if that growth is not tempered with genuine care
for our customers and a true service mentality. These attributes coupled with the character to never
compromise on issues of integrity make Mid-States a safe harbor in which every customer can find
exceptional value and service.

Mid-States provides nationally recognized, name-brand products as well as high quality, private label
items. I hope you will take the opportunity and request a sample from the 1000’s of quality items in
our product line in which your facility may be interested.

Our newest catalog features full color photographs of the fastest selling items in the commissary
industry. Mid-States is pleased to offer over 3,500 items stocked in each of our regional distribution
centers and immediately available for your convenience and satisfaction.

Please take a few moments to review our new catalog and explore the many service solutions we
can provide your facility and staff. Our dedicated sales and customer service staff is waiting to
answer questions and assist you with your commissary needs. Feel free to just call and chat, and in
doing so learn more about us.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Best regards,

John F. Sammons, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mid-States Services, Inc.

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